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Bavarian Love | München Fotograf

A few days ago I met up with Claudia & Alex for their Engagement session…I was SOOOOOO excited when Claudia told me they were coming in Tracht (Dirndl & Lederhosen for my non-German readers) :) I love all things Bayern, and have been hoping for a session with couple in Tracht for the last 2 years… so yea… I was a very ‘happy camper’ to say the least :) So not only did Claudia & Alex look super cute in their outfits, they were also super cute & super sweet with each other! I love when my couples have such chemistry and good interaction that they can just forget that I’m there with my camera and be themselves!

Anyway…I’m already looking forward to their wedding in June! After having my first Bavarian Wedding last month I now know how incredibly fun they are! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek! :)