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Sweet Baby Neel | Neugeborenenfotos München

Its not often that I get to do a newborn session, so I was extra excited when Dad contacted me about a session with his new baby boy Neel! I’m a sucker for babies and animals so I love it anytime I have a session with one :) What a trooper this little guy was! Not to mention ADORABLE (look at all that beautiful hair!!)!!! Neel was already 3 weeks by the time we had the session, so he wasn’t as sleepy and indifferent to all the ‘excitement’ as younger babies are. This meant lots of falling asleep and waking up, crying a bit, more food to fill his little belly, and trying it all over again. By the end of the 4 hours the little guy was worn out and finally fell into that nice deep sleep we wanted, which is why the helmet shots were possible :) Speaking of the helmet shots.. here’s alittle backstory.. Neel’s dad works at BMW and got to work on a super cool project a few years ago – their Formula 1 car! How exciting does that sound? After the project was over he got to keep some ‘souvenirs’ that we included in Neel’s session… a helmet, wheel hub (that they now use as an umbrella holder lol), and an exact model of the steering wheel.
Anyway…I think it’s time for some cute baby pics! Enjoy! :)