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Coming to Baden-Württemberg!

I just wanted to let all of you Baden-Württembergers know that I will be coming your way in March and am available for sessions! I will be there the 3rd weekend (either Friday-Saturday or Staturday-Sunday). I already have 1 (maybe 2) sessions booked, but I can fit a few more in. Usually I would charge a travel fee for sessions outside of my 60km radius, but I am willing to divide it up so no one gets stuck paying the whole fee…that means the more sessions I have, the less you have to pay.

A few posts down, I put out a ‘casting call’ for newborns, offering complimentary sessions… so if you will have a baby under 10 days old (I will be more flexible in this case) then you can also take part, and will only have to pay the travel fee…the session is still complimentary (150€ value)!

I would also be willing to book mini-sessions… mini sessions will last 30min, and will cost 25€, with a minimum print purchase of 100€. The only requirement for this is that there needs to be a minimum of 5 mini-sessions scheduled.

Another option would be a portrait party. A portrait party works like this… you are the host of the ‘party’ and provide a location (either your home, or somewhere outdoors) and invite your friends and relatives who might be interested in a mini-session. There is no fee for this and no minimum order, but I require atleast 10 participants including yourself. Then the more your guests order, the more free prints, discounts and other goodies you get!

And anyone who signs a model release, regardless of the type of session, is entitled to 15% off of all prints and products, except cards and announcements.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, send me a quick email and I will get right back to you!