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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Once again I have been slacking with the blog…I’ve just been SO busy the past few weeks.  My sister just got in from the US on Thursday and I feel like we’ve been on the go since.  She’ll be here all summer, so I’m sure things won’t be so hectic once she gets settled.

Anyway…what I really wanted to write about is that we are taking a trip to Croatia! We leave tonight and get back next Tuesday and we are just so excited. Neither of has been and its the first time we’ve traveled together without my parents or my husband, so I’m sure it will be F.U.N! We’re staying in Dubrovnik, we’re planning on taking a few day trips from there, going to the beach (we’re die hards, so I’m sure we’ll be in the water no matter how cold it is) and just wandering around the city.

The most important things are already packed -camera, cards, batteries and passport :)  I’ll be sure to post a bunch of pics when we get back!

Have a great week!