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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Ok well I am FINALLY ready to share some pics from our trip to Dubrovnik! I’ve been busy with sessions since we got back, but decided to take a break from editing those today so I can finally get some of these up.

Dubrovnik has now taken over as my favorite city. The Old Town which is completely surrounded by a city wall is so pretty…it’s full of old buildings built out of white stone that glow at night with reflected light, there are no cars, lots of small alley ways, and just so unique. It actually felt kind of unreal…like something from a movie set that was just placed there for tourists, but people actually live and work there, go to school, etc.  Then of course outside the walls is the beautiful Adriatic Sea… the water was an amazing turquoise, and the silhouettes of the mountains and islands in the distance made it breathtaking.  There were times laying ont he beach or at the Buza Bar (a really cool bar/cafe on the rocks outside the city wall) I really felt like I was in paradise and that I could stay there forever. And of course I can’t leave out the Gelato…we found the BEST Gelato place…the ice creamw as sooo good, but I think part of what made it taste so good was the guys that run the place…a group of REALLY nice brothers…they always greated us with huge smiles and hooked us up…we even got free ice cream (and lots of it too!) on our last day.  Actually, everyone was really nice and helpful, and we met a lot of really cool people…both locals and other tourists.

Ahh all this talk about Dubrovnik makes me miss it even more. We REALLY fell in love with the place. Thats why we are going back… in less than 3 weeks lol.  We just had the BEST time there.

Anyway, here are some pictures…they really don’t do Dubrovnik justice, but hopefully you can atleast understand why we wanted to go back as soon as possible. Enjoy!

We stayed in Apartment Antonella, and can definitely recommend it! Nino and his wife were so sweet and helpful. This was the view from our apartment…it was spectacular, and was a nice reward for having to climb about 400 stairs (not an exxageration) to get there!



Our first day there we took a 3 Island Cruise to Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. It was a great day (until I jumped int he water with my phone!!) and we loved one of the beaches at Lopud so much that we went back with the ferry the next day. It’s called Sunj beach, and is the only sand beach in the area…the rest are pebble beaches, which was fine for us because we had our trusty water shoes with us which I would recommend because of the pebbles and the sea urchins!





We had a few days of just walking around Old Town and walking the city walls which are about 2km long. The city is so small that it can really be done in a day.  Here are some views of Placa, the main street in Old Town, and the town from the walls.




And some views outside the walls… here is one of the Buza bars…although I’m not sure if this one is also called Buza… but at one of them there are a bunch of rocks to jump off of…it was a lot of fun watching the crazy locals and adventurous tourists jump from the higher cliffs while I stuck to my mini jumps :)


While the weather was perfect most of the time, it did get stormy one day and a couple of nights, and the water got ROUGH. Only the die hard locals dared to jump in on those days.


The other day trip we took was to Mostar, in Bosnia. It was a LOOONG drive, so we only had a few hours there, but it was neat to drive along the coast and to be able to say we’ve been to Bosnia. The best part of the trip was probably the bus ride…it was a van with me and my sister, and a some Belgians who were  really nice and SO MUCH FUN…poor Mario, our tour guide, had to put up with us singing to the Momma Mia soundtrack, Frere Jacuque (sp?), Oh Champs Elysee, and Sole Mio lol.


And the last picture I took on the way to the airport…