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Monthly Archives: September 2011

I met up with Miriam a few times over the last few months, and everytime I met up with her one thing always stuck out to me…how laid back and unstressed she was about the wedding..even as the date got closer. I could tell from our very first meetup that to Miriam and Manuel, their wedding was about celebrating their marriage and the love they have for one another, and not about all of the bells & whistles that go with a wedding, not about showing off anything but their love for one another. I guess thats one of the reasons they decided to keep their wedding small…and I have to say, I LOVE small weddings! They are so intimate and personal… they always just feel so WARM! And that was very obvious last week at both their Standesamt and Church weddings. Both Miriam & Manuel were very emotional saying their vows, it was so sweet and touching to watch. And spending sometime with them alone to take photos was so much fun..watching how they in love, so fun and lighthearted and just a super cool couple. Of course thats not to say there weren’t beautiful details everywhere..because there were! And whats even more impressive about the beautiful flower arrangements, and details is that Miriam did them herself! The flowers and colors scheme she chose were GORGEOUS!!! everything fit together so well… even the hot Porsche Miriam & her mom rode to the church in! Even their evening’s entertainment was DIY…and everyone loved it Oh! And you can imagine my excitement when Miriam told me there’d be doves & bubbles at their wedding! lol I love both at that was a real treat :) Anyway… lets get on to the fun stuff, shall we?!

Miriam & Manuel… it was sooo great to spend time with you guys on 2 of the most important days of your life! You guys work so well together…i think its obvious to anyone who see’s you two together that what you have is just ‘right!’ Enjoy your Sneak Peek!