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Mini-Sessions!! | München Familienfotograf

Dudududunnndudunnnnn…drumroll please :) Hehe, just kidding…but I know there are a bunch of readers out there eagerly awaiting this post. Anyway… last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a little mini-session marathon with my good friend and fellow photographer Robin Keller. It was AWESOME! We had AMAZING weather (maybe a bit chilly but when I shoot, I am so ‘in the zone’ I don’t notice much around me…that or the numbess set in hehe), super sweet families, and lots of ADORABLE kids! I really had a great time, and am so glad we did this! Its been something we’ve talked about doing for the past 2 years, but Christmas always seems to creep up a bit too fast…this year we were on the ball :) And now I can’t wait to do it again!! Maybe in the spring? For Mother’s Day? ;)

To all the wonderful families that took was GREAT meeting you, or in some cases seeing you again! You were all such great sports dealing with the chilly weather and still putting on a big happy face:) I hope you love the photos! :)

And now an extra treat (well, not sure how much of a treat it is, but lets call it that anyway :)) here are some shots of the girls who are usually behind the camera that we took of each other in between sessions :)