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Monthly Archives: December 2011

I thought my wedding season was over at the beginning of November… but I was wrong!! :) Another photographer in the area posted about a couple who were getting married this weekend and their photographer dropped out last minute, so they were urgently looking for a new one…I was free so he passed along my website info along with a few other photographers who had time, and on Wednesday I received a cal from Sabine. I was so excited to have the chance to shoot one more wedding this year since I already started missing wedding season :)
Anyway… Saturday morning I took a train down to Starnberger See…it was raining when I left Munich but as we headed south it started looking more and more like a Winter Wonderland outside, so I was hopeful that there would be snow at my destination.. unfortunately no such luck… it rained most of the day. But that didn’t matter whatsoever, the poor weather didn’t get anyones spirits down. Sabine & Norbert had a wonderful little ceremony in the Spiegelsaal in Schloss Garatshausen in Feldafing, and I have to say, the Standesbeamtin there did a really nice job. I love the extra reading in Bavarian she through in there, even if I (and most of the guests) only understood some of what she said :) After the ceremony and some ‘congratulations’, we all headed to the other side of the lake to Schlossgut Oberambach. There they had a Sekt Empfang, and had a chance to mingle with their guests. After a toast was made, I was able to steal the Bride & Groom for some shots of the 2 of them, and their son Niko, who will be a big brother in the Spring :) I stayed until lunch time then headed back home. One of the things I like about having to travel a bit for weddings is that I get the chance to sit on the train and look through all the photos I took that day… as I looked through Sabine & Norbert’s shots, I noticed there was a huge smile on my face…I know I’ve said it before, but I will continue saying it..I really love the intimate and personal feeling of small weddings. You could see and feel the love and happiness the guests had for Sabine & Norbert, and its so obvious in the photos that I just can’t help but to smile when I look at them :) So despite the less-than perfect weather, I think it’s safe to say that Sabine & Norbert had a perfect day :)
Sabine & Norbert, es hat mich sehr gefreut euch kennzulernen! Ich wünsch euch alles Gute für eure Zukunft :) Enjoy your sneak peek!