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Monthly Archives: December 2014

2014 is coming to a wrap more session to edit and then it’s time to enjoy the holidays! But now that things have calmed down a bit, I want to show you a little glimpse into Wally & Andi’s Wedding in Mondsee back in September. They asked me not to show their faces, but I still wanted to show you some of the beautiful details and the AH-MAZING location – Mondsee, Austria! Mondsee is one of those places I’ve driven by so many times, and the scenery captivated me each time, so of course I was was psyched to photograph a wedding there!

Wally & Andy had their civil ceremony at the Standesamt in Schloss Mondsee, right in the centre of town. This was definitely one of the most beautiful Standeämter that I have ever seen. I love that they and most of their guests were dressed in traditional local Tracht (Dirndl and Lederhosen)…they looked AWESOME!

The next day was the big event, the church wedding. I met Wally at the Hotel Eichingerbauer where she was getting ready in a gorgeous suite. Once hair & Make-up was finished, I hurried over to Wally & Andi’s house to grab a few shots of Andi getting ready and running out the door before heading back to the hotel just in time for Wally to put on her dress. After their adorable first look, we headed off for their portrait session.

Wally & Andi wanted to do their photos at the Rauchhaus that is part of the Bauernmuseum in Mondsee and then down by the lake. I love that food this first half of the day Wally & Andi had 2 separate wedding cars… Wally had a friend drive her around in his beautiful blue Porsche, and Andi, who volunteers with the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service was driven in an old Haflinger …I got to ride around on the back of the Haflinger and it was SO.MUCH.FUN! :)

After the portrait sessions we took a little break and enjoyed some sausage sandwiches from a little Kiosk on the lake and then made our way over to the church. They had a beautiful ceremony at a quaint church located on the top of a hill over looking Mondsee. After the ceremony, 4 guys from the local Marksmen Club gave of 4 celebratory shots, which was really neat for me as it was another first :)

We spent the rest of the day at awesome location in Strobl, Austria … Die Laimeralm. I think it’s safe to say that this was one of the coolest locations I’ve been to yet. It was a bit of a drive to get there as it is literally up a mountain (think tiny, winding roads that make you wonder how the heck 2 cars can pass each other and make you hope no one is coming the other way) and has absolutely magical views. They have a huge patio outside where cocktail hour was spent and beer kegs were tapped and the views were enjoyed. Inside the ‘hut’ was so charming..perfect for anyone looking for a location with a warm, rustical feel.

I had a really great time with Wally, Andi and their guests! There were so many beautiful details and it was one of the most stunning locations I’ve had a wedding at yet, so I really wanted to share it with all of you :)

Standesamt Mondsee -Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee
Eheringe-Hochzeit Mondsee

Bräutigam in Lederhosen -Hochzeit Mondsee
Trachten Hochzeit - Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee
Brautschuhe und Hochzeitskleid -Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Louis Vuitton Tasche - Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Bergrettungsdiesnt Österreich -Hochzeit Mondsee

Bräutigam Vorbereitung - Hochzeit Mondsee

Braut und Brautkleid -Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Brautpaarbilder - Hochzeit Mondsee

Braut und Bräutigam laufen weg -Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Hochzeitsauto Mondsee

Hochzeitsfotos am Mondsee - Hochzeit Mondsee

Eheringe auf einem Ringkissen -Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Kirchliche Hochzeit - Hochzeit Mondsee

Kirchliche Trauung in Mondsee - Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Church Wedding Ceremony - Hochzeit Mondsee
Alm Hochzeit - Strobl Oesterreich -Hochzeit Mondsee

Laimeralm Strobl Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Laimeralm Strobl Event Location Hochzeitsfotograf MondseeHochzeit Mondsee

Bride and Groom at Laimeralm Hochzeit Mondsee
Brautstrauss Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Laimeralm Tischdeko und Blumen Hochzeitsfotograf Mondsee

Hochzeitslocation Mondsee Laimeralm Hochzeit Mondsee