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Rene & Bianca’s Schloss Duerrenmungenau Hochzeit – Hochzeitsfotograf Nuernberg

Rene & Bianca’s wedding was so beautiful! They managed to put together this amazing day from half way across the world in California where they’ve been living for the past 2 years. They decided to get married near Nürnberg since it’s pretty much halfway between where they are each from..Berlin & Ludwigsberg.

I spent a bit of the morning with Bianca while she was getting ready with her mom & her sister. I fell in love with her dress and amazing bouquet as soon as I saw them! And then of course all of the beautiful little details that fit into their color scheme.

After everyone was all dolled up and Bianca’s sister put the finishing touches on the wedding cake she made, we all headed over to Schloss Dürrenmungenau where Rene was anxiously waiting to see his beautiful bride. Unfortunately it was raining quite a bit at this point, but that didn’t make their first look any less special and romantic! I think it’s safe to say Rene was totally speechless! Then we headed over over to the church which was right across the street for their ceremony. The church was pretty tiny, perfect for the amount of wedding guests, and it was so charming! The ceremony itself was great! Some church ceremonies can be alittle bland, but the minister did such an amazing job..he was so funny and relaxed, he even got everyone to join him in singing an Udo Jürgens song lol.

The rest of the was spent at Schloss Dürrenmungenau, starting with a very relaxed, low-key cocktail hour followed by coffee & cake! We also had some time in the afternoon for some portraits around the beautiful castle grounds before heading inside for dinner. Bianca & Rene made the cutest seating chart with old fashioned keys and a little riddle on the back that guests had to solve to figure out which table they are at..what a fun & creative idea! The reception room was so pretty..I love how they decorated the tables, and the purple up-lighting really tied everything in together! There was even a nice little candy bar set up for the guests, this was especially popular with the kids :D Dinner was a delicious BBQ buffet which fit the laid-back atmosphere of the day. And let’s face it, you really can’t go wrong with BBQ :D

After dinner we all went outside where Bianca tossed her bouquet to all the single ladies that were there..her little sister was lucky girl to catch it…let’s see if she’s really the next one to get married lol. After that, she presented Rene with a surprise… a Pinata! Apparently he always wanted one! That little monkey sure was stubborn though and no matter how good Rene whacked him he just wouldn’t break open. Eventually Bianca also had a turn and, well…there was not much left of the monkey after that :)

Once the Pinata fun was over, we all went back inside for Rene & Bianca’s super sweet & romantic first dance! I love that they chose to do an “american style” first dance instead of the typical Waltz that Germans usually do… I feel like it’s much more romantic and gives the bride & groom an excuse to be extra close and cuddly :)

The first dance was pretty much the end of my day, but I’m sure the party went on long after I was gone! It was such a beautiful day, and everything came together perfectly which of course isn’t an easy thing to pull off when planning a wedding from abroad!