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Monthly Archives: September 2015

When Angela & Jonty first contacted me I was totally intrigued and knew this would be an awesome wedding. They both live and work in Oman! How cool is that? It looks amazing there! They decided to have their wedding in the Allgäu, not far from where Angela is from and Jonty’s family flew in from the UK.

I LOVE that Angela wore a Dirndl that she had made for her and Jonty wore a morning suit which is pretty traditional in the UK… that along with the beautiful Allgäu scenery was kind of like Downton Abbey meets Heidi (TV Show from “way” before my time)…it was awesome!! :) And I had to say Angela looked so beautiful and Jonty very dapper…I immediately noticed his turquoise tie..its my favorite color and apparently Angela’s too! They had a an awesome Mercedes Old-timer which fit into their color scheme perfectly… it really was a beauty!

After we spent some time together to get some great portraits of Angela & Jonty, we headed over to the quaint little church, St. Sebastianskappelle, which looked like it could be on a postcard.

The afternoon and rest of the evening was spent at the Geissstadl at the Jagdhütte in Kranzegg. We were greeted by a trio of Alpine Horn players! I’ve never actually seen/heard the Alpenhorn in person so this was pretty cool! And you’ll never guess where one of the guys is originally from… Upstate New York! Hah! Weird little coincidence right..2 Americans working a wedding in the middle of the Allgäu?! We really are all over the place lol. Angela & Jonty kicked things off by tapping a keg of beer in traditional Bavarian spirit. After the guests had some time to mingle, have some drinks and a bite to eat, Angela’s friends had planned a “light version” of the kidnapping of the bride. Jonty had to pass a few rounds of “tests” – which he passed with flying colors – before he could win his bride back.

My day was over right before everyone went in for dinner, but I did manage to get inside for a peak at the Geissstadl…what a cool location! Angela had mentioned that the theme throughout their wedding was going to be kitsch and colorful which I loved… the table decorations fit that theme perfectly and I love how the flowers contrasted with the rustic style of the Geissstadl. Guests were given shot glasses as gifts as well as some Bierdeckel that Jonty designed himself!

@Angela & Jonty…It was such an awesome day… full of sun, love and color!! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of it! I wish you guys many more adventures together in the future :)