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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Wow I really can’t think of a better way to kick things off in 2016!

Trixi & Andreas’ love story is one that spans 4 decades! I guess you could say it all started when they slept next to each other holding hands on a camping trip their families took together when they were 11. They dated a few years later, and Andreas had a dream that he was going to marry Trixi. She ended up breaking his heart though and they ended up living 2 separate lives with families of their own. Fast forward to a few years ago when they got back in touch and realised the chemistry was still there! The end of January, Andreas’ dream from way back when, finally came true and he married Trixi! What an amazing story, right?!?!

I met Trixi & Andreas back in the spring for a couples’ photo shoot (which actually turned out to be an engagement session since they got engaged between booking and the photo shoot) and it turned out to be one of my favorite sessions of 2015, so I was REALLY looking forward to spending an entire day with them in January!

We started out with some getting ready photos at the recently renovated Hotel Sauerlach Post. Trixi got ready with her 2 beautiful daughters and Andreas with his son. The hotel was such a nice spot to get ready in…they really did a great job with the renovations and it was nice and bright which made me a happy camper :D I loved all of Trixi’s beautiful accessories, especially her & Andreas’ wedding bands! So unique!! I have never seen rings like that..I loooove the little “surprise” of the flower print on the inside of Andreas’ band! After Trixi & the girls were finished, we went downstairs where Andreas was waiting to see his bride! I love first looks, and this was was great! No wonder though, because Trixi looked amazing in her wedding Dirndl which was made by her mother!! How awesome is that?! She also made the beautiful vest Andreas was wearing!! She really did an amazing job!

After their first look, we all headed over to Die Alte Gärtnerei in Taufkirchen. I have been wanting to shoot a wedding there for a few years always looked amazing in the photos I’ve seen.. well let’s just say it even more amazing in person!! Seriously, what a beautiful location!! And the floral arrangements were gorgeous!! Trixi & Andreas had such a great, unique theme to their wedding that totally fits to them and their relationship… Topf/ Deckel (Pot/ lid)… when one of them thinks something, the other is already doing it… so it was only fitting that they implement this into their day somehow and the floral center pieces were all in these beautiful old pots that Trix had found, and the Menu was on a creative!

The weather wasn’t great and the ground was a mixture of ice & mud, so we decided to do Trixi & Andreas’ portraits inside… no problem though, because as I said, Die Alte Gärtnerei is BEAUTIFUL! Plenty of cute little corners perfect for a portrait shoot! And once again, Trixi & Andreas were such a pleasure to have in front of my camera! They really make my job easy! Every time they look at each other they both just light up! It’s so much fun and so endearing to watch!

Eventually the guests started arriving and had a bit of time to mingle and have a coffee before the ceremony started. The ceremony its self was beautiful and full of emotion from the moment Trixi & Andreas walked down the aisle right until they walked back up it! The officiant did such a great job making the ceremony personal to Trixi & Andreas. I love that the Topf/Deckel theme was even incorporated into the ceremony..the Officiant had some things to say about it and even brought a pot and lid with him. And the rings were in cute little pots as well!

After the ceremony the guests mingled a bit more while enjoying delicious finger foods and drinks. Eventually we headed over into the greenhouse where the reception was held. Trixi & Andreas had a fun little surprise planned for the guests..they are avid golfers and decided to have a putting challenge! Tables competed agains each other, and the table with the best score one a little prize! I got to participate as well, and being that I am a HORRIBLE mini-golfer, I assumed my putting skills would be non-existant and was ready for a bit of embarrassment…I made it in 2 shots though which seemed to be pretty good! :D

Once everyone was seated, the first course of dinner was served.. their caterer Yannick Brangeron did an amazing job! And I’m pretty sure no one left that wedding hungry! After 4 fairly large courses, Trixi & Andreas cut their wedding cake which was also delicious! Trixi & Andreas opened the dance floor with a short but sweet first dance and then parent-dances. I have to say, I loved the lighting and the fog machine! It really made for some fun party pictures!! Oh..and did I mention that they also had a Crepe buffet? Yep..a crepe buffet! It was awesome and the guests really seemed to love it!

It really was a special day with a special couple! I love that they made it THEIR wedding with the Topf/Deckel theme that fits them so well, and by incorporating one of their favorite hobbies! I can’t wait to share the photos with you, so here we go! :)