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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Lydia & Chris had a beautiful lakeside wedding on Ammersee. The way this summer has been weather-wise, it’s safe to say that the weather Gods were definitely on their side since we had nothing but sunshine all day long!

The day for me started out capturing some getting ready shots of Lydia and her bridesmaids at the Tageszentrum on Ammersee. Lydia was already dressed and had already gotten her hair done by the time I arrived and she looked absolutely stunning! Her beautiful flowy dress and open hair style were a perfect fit for the relaxing summer wedding they had planned!

Chris & Lydia had a civil ceremony at a charming little castle, Kurparkschlösschen, right on Ammersee. After the ceremony we went outside for some drinks and congratulations in the park along the lake.

While the wedding party and most of the guests took a nice boat ride over to the other side of the lake, I went ahead to the Seehaus in Riederau am Ammersee to start getting some photos of the beautiful decoration and the guests arriving. This was my 2nd time at the Seehaus, and it is such a stunning location, right on the lake with its own private pier perfect for really is the perfect spot for a summer wedding!

As the guests started arriving they were treated to welcome drinks and delicious hors d’ouvres while they mingled amongst themselves. Time flew by as it usually does on a wedding day, and before we knew it it was almost time to go inside for the first course. I snuck off to the pier with Lydia & Chris and their families and bridal party for some group photos while the other guests got settled in at their tables.

The original plan was to take photos of the bride & groom earlier in the day, but I convinced them to wait until the sun set a little bit to get that warm amazing light photographers live for. They agreed it would be a shame to not to take advantage of the sunset light given the spectacular location, so we snuck out for a few minutes between some of the courses, and WOW was it worth it?!? I literally had goosebumps while doing their couple photos because the light was so gorgeous and Lydia & Chris just rocked it…they were total naturals! And I have to give the staff at the Seehaus props here too for being SO flexible with serving dinner! They were so accommodating and relaxed, which is not always the case at wedding locations.

After the amazing dinner, there were some speeches followed by Lydia & Chris’s first dance. After that it was all about the party and spending time with their friends and family, many of which who travel from half way around the world (New Zealand!) to spend this special day with Lydia & Chris. :D