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Time for a long overdue ‘not completely business related’ post :)

As you may have guessed from the title, I absolutely loveloveLOVE Philadelphia! Everytime my boyfriend, Pero, and I fly to NJ to visit my family, we set a few days aside to visit Philadelphia! We still haven’t experienced all the city has to offer, like the countless museums, historical monuments, etc. A big part of that reason is that we don’t really do ‘touristy’ things. We’re both super relaxed, ‘go with the flow’ kind of people, so we like to try to mix in with the locals. We walk around, hit up some cool cafes or bars, people watch, and shopshopshop! :) And Philly is SUCH a cool city to do all of those things in! Of course we also try to catch a football game while we’re there because Pero’s an Eagles fan (Booooo! :D)

Why all of a sudden this random post about my love of Philly? Well, it just so happens that I JUST booked my very first US wedding, and it will be in… Philly! I will be shooting Liz & Justin’s wedding next May at Knowlton Mansion! It looks amazing! I’m stoked about this, and will be counting down the months, days and minutes until the day finally arrives! That said, I will be taking bookings for other Weddings, Events and sessions in the NJ, PA and NYC area for May 2014 :)

So, since I don’t like blogging without posting pictures, I’ll post some very random Instagram shots of our last trip there :)