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Serah came to Munich for business all the way from Singapur and wanted to have a portrait session while she was here. We met up ‘early’ one Sunday morning and wow…I don’t think I have never seen so much fog in my life! We had our session at Schloss Nymphenburg, and while driving up to the castle the fog was so thick that you’d never know there was a castle there. Luckily the fog let up a bit throughout our session, but the sun never made an appearance. Coming from Singapur where the the climate is always pretty nice, I can imagine this was a bit of a shock for Serah! She was amazing though! Did not complain once and stuck it out, even when I had her sit on the ridiculously cold concrete. Women are definitely tougher than guys in this respect, but as Serah said, women are just more likely to do whatever it takes for awesome photos! :D We had so much fun, the time actually flew by despite numb fingers and frozen faces! And even though it was a grey day and fall was long gone, we still managed to find some great spots with nice pops of warm fall colours!

Herbst Fotoshooting in Muenchen hochzeitsfotograf Muenchen

Portrait Session in the Fall Fotoshooting Muenchen

Herbstfarben Fotoshooting Muenchen

Portrait fotoshooting im herbst Fotoshooting Muenchen

foto shooting in muenchen Fotograf Muenchen

photo session at schloss nymphenburg Fotoshooting Muenchen

cold fall portrait session Fotoshooting Muenchen

girl laughing at portrait session - Fotoshooting

foggy morning photosession Fotoshooting Muenchen

fotoshooting im nebel Fotograf Muenchen

neblige Fotoshooting Muenchen

Fotoshooting draussen im natur fotograf Muenchen

photo session outside in Muenchen

portrait session in munich Muenchenfotograf

portrait session with girl from singapur Fotoshooting Muenchen

singapur girl in munich having a photo session

outdoor photo session munich photographer

Fotoshooting Muenchen schloss garten Nymphenburg

Schloss Nymphenburg foto shooting im herbst

herbst in Muenchen

portrait shooting in munich -Fotoshooting Muenchen

cold weather portrait session munich Muenchen Fotograf

Fotoshooting mit serah

Fotoshooting in Muenchen mit serah aus singapur

singapur girl visits munich and has a portrait session

winter photo shooting munich

tourist in munich photo session

photo session for tourist in munich

asian in munich photo session

Fotoshooting nymphenburg

photo session in castle gardens in munich

fotos schloss nymphenburg park mit serah