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If you’d like to chat about your wedding, get in touch by filling out this fun questionnaire! For non-Wedding sessions, please send an email to or give me a call at 0176/ 6685 2388. Please review our privacy policy here.

  • Big news! We're engaged!! My name is
  • and I'm getting married to this
  • person named
  • ! We can't wait to tie the knot and are looking for a(n)
  • photographer to capture all of the
  • and
  • moments of our big day! We found you from
  • and we just
  • your
  • work! It would be so great if you were still available on the
  • and would spend the day with us at/in
  • .
  • Three words that describe us as a couple are
  • ,
  • and completely
  • !
  • Our favorite thing to do together is
  • and on weekends we love to spend our time
  • !
  • Our wedding is sure to be
  • !
  • You can reach me at
  • or
  • .
  • Talk to you soon!
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