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Planning a wedding, while super exciting, can also be a little overwhelming and stressful, because chances are that you have not planned many of them! One of my goals is to not only deliver you amazing photos after your big day, but to help make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible. This starts from our very first contact.

One reason why I suggest not waiting to long to get in touch is that contacting me in the very early stages of planning means that I can help you put together a great wedding day timeline. One that will ensure you have enough time to enjoy the day with your guests, get the most out of your photos, and have a moment or 2 to breathe instead of always feeling like you’re running behind! I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and have a pretty good idea on which parts of the day tend to take longer than planned and which order of events makes the most sense for the day to run smoothly and to keep everyone happy and in a great mood!

Another reason to book during the early stages of planning is that I can help you find other vendors to help put together your dream wedding! The search for the right florist, cake make, DJ, Band, Make-up artist, etc. can really be tedious and stressful. I’ve worked with so many amazingly talented people that I would just love to recommend to you! This not only cuts down on planning time tremendously, but you will go into your wedding day KNOWING that you are in good hands!

Between in-person meetings, Skype calls, Facebook messages and emails, we will have plenty of contact leading up to your wedding to discuss the details and go over any last minute changes. I will know the the timeline inside out as well as any other important details pertaining to your wedding. That way, when your wedding day finally comes, you can relax a bit without having to constantly worry about where to be when and how much time we have..I will do that for you! I want you to be as relaxed as possible at your wedding! A relaxed bride & groom means that you can have fun! Spend more time laughing and chatting with your guests than stressing about the details! It also means that your photos will be THAT much better! A smiling bride will always photograph better than one who is stressed out :) And when you look back at your wedding day, I only want you to remember what an amazing day it was…full of love, laughter and maybe some tears of happiness…not stress!

After your wedding, while you are relaxing and enjoying time together on your honeymoon, I will be busy working away on your photos! The entire editing process will take about 5-7 weeks. During that time, I will occasionally post sneak peeks for you and your guests who will all be dying to see the photos! Once I’m finished with all of your photos, I will send you a link to your private online gallery and a few days later, you will get a package from me in the mail!

I love to stay in touch with my amazing clients even after their photos are delivered! And hopefully we will have the chance to work together again someday soon. One of the best compliments I can get is when my brides & grooms come back to me for maternity photos, family portraits, or ‘just because’ photo sessions year after year! I absolutely love seeing them grow with each new chapter of their love story!