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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Ahh I’ve gotten a bit behind here! Last weekend my sister-in-law and niece came to visit from Austria, and we had a lot of fun! My little niece is so cute and I just can’t not take pictures of her! In fact, I’m surprised she recognizes me without the camera in front of my face haha. If this is a sign to of whats to come, then I already feel sorry for my kids when they come along…they’ll either grow up hating the camera (and maybe me?!?) or loving it and being little hams.

Anyway…we had a pretty full program…did the regular Munich shopping tour on Friday despite the weather not cooperating. On Saturday we went back into town to meet up with an Aunt from the US who was here on a 24h layover and strolled around the city, along the Isar, eating Ice Cream and drinking wine on Odeonsplatz. Then on Sunday we went to the Wild Park in Poing. For anyone who has never been to the Wild Park, I HIGHLY recommend it! It is so much fun for kids and adults. When we first entered the park we were greeted by a heard of freely roaming deer. Then we headed over to the 11am bird show which was awesome! They had a beautiful Siberian owl and a bald eagle as well as a few other large birds. The show was much more exciting than I thought…the birds flew around right over our heads (I mean RIGHT over our heads, like where you actually need to duck!) it was great!  Then we continued around the zoo stopping at every playground there (they’re we’re quite a few!). I can’t wait to go back!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Sophia LOVES riding on the train and after 45minutes she still wasn’t ready to get off!



I couldn’t believe how pretty the Isar looked on Saturday, everything was such a pretty color; the sky, the water, the buildings. I could have sat there all day.


We also took a lot of walks with our dog, here are some from along the way:





And finally a few fromt he Wildpark. Keep in mind I am not a wild life photographer lol.  My husband enjoyed the deer as much as my niece!






How cute is this?!? This little goat was just laying there and my niece went up to it, plopped herself down and started feeding him lol!